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Big cities like New York and Los Angeles may attract the most attention, but America is filled with small towns and communities that have long been the backbone of the nation. These cities have their own history, museums and cultural attractions, but they also have the charm of a hometown and its heroes.

While millions of people spend a lot of money piling up like lemmings in the attractions of big cities, the wonderful little American cities offer a carefree getaway at a fraction of the price.

Here’s a look at the best small towns in every U.S. state: U.S. News – World Report, Reader’s Digest, Architectural Digest, The Travel Channel and House Beautiful magazine.

1- Alabama: Magnolia Springs


Magnolia Springs

Located along the Magnolia River, Magnolia Springs dates back to 1800 and is only minutes from Mobile, Alabama. However, it is not a suburb. No, it’s a sleepy town with lovely houses and awnings of oaks, azaleas, wisteria, dogwoods and, of course, magnolias.

Drive through its quiet streets and feel completely lost in an authentic Southern setting.


2- Alaska: Sitka



Population: 8,689

A favorite of: Architecture Magazine, Life in the Country, Beautiful House, Reader’s Digest

Sitka, which was part of Russia until 1867, is the city where the official transfer of land from Alaska to the United States took place. Located near Juneau, the state capital, this beachfront beauty is a popular stopover for cruise lines that use the Inner Passage.

Although tiny, it offers a diverse range of services, including a wine bar, brewery and independent bookstore.

3-Arizona: Sedona



Population: 10,336

A favorite of: Reader’s Digest, U.S. News – World Report

You may hear about friends who are going to Phoenix and Scottsdale to play golf or enjoy a warm winter, but Sedona, south of Flagstaff, is just as attractive.

Against a background of red rocky mounds, you can make amazing hikes and visit the Coconino National Forest, which is much larger than the Sonoran Desert National Monument. In addition, it is closer to the Grand Canyon than Arizona’s most famous cities and is home to a thriving arts community.

U.S. News loves Sedona so much that it ranked it among the top five small towns in the country.

4-ArkansasEureka Springs

town 4.jpeg

Northwest Arkansas Guide/https://nwatravelguide.com/top-10-cabins-in-eureka-springs/

Population: 2,074

A favorite of: Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Travel Channel, Reader’s Digest Selection

Nestled in the Ozark Mountains in the northwest corner of Arkansas, this city is popular with visitors and travel professionals. Aptly named, Eureka Springs offers relaxing natural hot springs with public baths that have existed since Victorian times.

This small town, now a historic district, will make you feel like you’ve gone back in time.

5-California: Carmel

town 5.jpeg


Population: 3,897

A favorite of: House Beautiful, Travel Channel

Just above California’s famous Big Sur is the beautiful Monterey Peninsula. It is home to Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, Monterey and Carmel-by-the-Sea, and there is no shortage of pleasant seaside towns, each offering a different taste of the area.

But the best known is Carmel-by-the-Sea, a small town of one square kilometer! – with its high-end shops and restaurants in the middle of gingerbread houses. But Monterey is not outdone, as it is in the top 10 of the list of best small towns compiled by U.S. News – World Report.

Why don’t you go and see both of them?


6-Colorado: Breckenridge



Population: 4,928

A favorite of: Architectural Digest, Life in the Country

In the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the most attractive ski towns seem to be within everyone’s reach and are always irresistible, no matter what the date of your visit. In winter, soft snow blankets set the stage for outdoor adventure; in autumn, the foliage is unbeatable; and in summer, the cool mountain breeze provides an ideal time for hiking.

One of the best cities of these amazing times of the year is Breckenridge – “Breck” for all who love it – which still has a Victorian mining area to explore.

7-Connecticut: Mystic



Population: 4,205

A favorite of: Architectural Digest, Life in the Country

The seductive coastline of eastern Connecticut is home to a small town popular with New Englanders, home to an aquarium of 10,000 sea creatures.

Visit its historic centre, arts centre or nature centre, as well as its port museum, where you can take your own Walk from Mystic River in sound. Noank, another quaint little town in New England, is nearby.


8-Delaware: New Castle


Visit Delaware

Population: 5,348

A favorite of: House Beautiful, Travel Channel

The entire state of Delaware is small, and its cities are no exception. But destinations like New Castle, just six miles south of Wilmington, manage to incorporate tons of beauty and history despite their size.

How much is the story? New Castle is home to buildings that have stood since the early 1700s, making it one of the oldest permanently inhabited cities with the oldest continuous residences in the United States.

9-Florida: Sanibel Island



Population: 7,402

A favorite of: U.S. News and Global Report

Florida is much more than just an amusement park destination or home to some Latin-inspired Art Deco mega-city. You’ll also find pleasant little towns along the peninsula’s coastline, including one of the top 20 small towns according to U.S. News: Sanibel Island.

12 miles long and 3 miles wide, Sanibel has shell-covered beaches and wildlife refuges for a Florida getaway off the beaten track.

10-Georgia: Dahlonega


Guide de voyage Blue Ridge

Population: 7,007

A favorite of: Architectural Digest, Country Living, Reader’s Digest

There is gold in these hills of North Georgia, especially in the haunting town of Dahlonega, less than an hour north of Atlanta.

Visit the Gold Museum and the many gold mines to understand the history of this Southern charmer – and look for gold yourself. Luxury shops, restaurants and even vineyards make this city a popular excursion destination for city dwellers and local visitors.


11-Hawaii: Hanalei



Population: 450

A favorite of: Beautiful home

On Kaui Island, the oldest and greenest island in Hawaii, is Hanalei Bay, famous in the film “South Pacific”. Here, the peaceful town of Hanalei offers picturesque beaches, mountain views and a relaxed atmosphere for surfers.

Take a Mai Tai at a local bar, enjoy fresh sushi and crushed ice, explore churches and historic houses, and squirm your toes in the sand while your worries melt.

12-Idaho: Ketchum



Population: 2,763

A favorite of: Architectural Digest, Life in the Country

In central Idaho is the sweet town of Ketchum, the heart of the Sun Valley ski resort. (It’s the mountain that flanks the city.) Find museums and art galleries, as well as ski shops and equipment in this art community that hasn’t yet become an Instagram sensation – which we think makes it a lot cooler.

14-Illinois: Galena


Illinois Tourist Board

Population: 3,225

A favorite of: Beautiful home

Home to Ulysses S. Grant in 1860, Galena is a city that showcases its well-preserved buildings from the early 1800s, including Grant’s Dowling House. Its natural beauty is equally captivating: Unlike most of the state of Illinois, flattened centuries ago by glaciers, Galena is located in the rolling hills of the northwest.

Visitors would be remiss if they failed to see Horseshoe Mound, which offers views of Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa and the mighty Mississippi River.

12-Indiana: Nashville


Elderly Friendly Advisor/https://www.agefriendly.com/cities/Nashville-IN-USA

Population: 3,057

A favorite of: Beautiful home

Nashville is not just a music city in Tennessee. In Indiana, just outside Bloomington, another great Nashville awaits.

Artist T.C. Steele has lived there, and visitors can explore his home and gardens to see his Impressionist works. Pioneer Village gives an insight into what life was like in its early days. And the city is amazed at its location in the rolling hills of the southern part of the state.

15-Iowa: Winterset



Population: 5,276

A favorite of: Beautiful home

Anyone who has seen the romantic film “The Bridges of Madison County” has already had a glimpse of the city of Winterset, Iowa; one of the famous covered bridges highlighted in the film can be found here.

In addition to holding an important place in the history of bridge culture, Winterset is also the birthplace of a certain John Wayne. Visitors can explore a museum dedicated to the decorated actor, born Marion Mitchell Morrison and nicknamed “Duke” since childhood.

16-Kansas: Abilene



Population: 6,380

A favorite of: Beautiful home

If Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th President and General 5 stars, was not born in Abilene, he spent many years there and this is where his excellent library and presidential museum are located. It was also where he was buried.

Eisenhower was an aficionado of the city’s Wild West history and his famous native son, “Wild Bill” Hickok, another feature that makes Abilene an intriguing destination.


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