California seniors defy social distancing orders by gathering for Photo graduation

Obtaining a high school diploma is an exciting time. It’s about celebrating the past while looking to the future.

Yet students and families at Lincoln High School in Placer County, California, don’t seem to have thought much about the future.

Apparently, the families wanted to celebrate the 2020 promotion with a sense of normality. They organized a group photo to respect tradition. There’s just one problem. In the photo of the more than 100 graduates, we see them all gathered, side by side. Not only were orders of social distancing ignored, but there was no mask in sight.


Dylan Weaver is part of this graduating class. He appreciates the gesture and all the people who made it possible. “I think it’s great that the community is coming together to see how it can celebrate us,” he told CBS13.

That said, Dylan was not one of the seniors who participated in the photo. “If they think they’re safe enough to be outside, then that’s fine with me.”

Dr. Aimee Sisson, Placer County Health Officer, said she sympathized with the students.

However, she thought it was a dangerous manoeuvre.

“The class of 2020 has made enormous sacrifices. But getting together to take a class photo has the potential to undo all these sacrifices,” she said.

“Meeting in a large group, standing shoulder to shoulder, without covering your face, is a recipe for the transmission of the virus and a violation of the governor’s order to stay at home throughout the state. I want our residents to understand that the virus is still present in our community, and that now is not the time to meet in person.”

“The recently posted Facebook photos of a massive gathering of students in caps and dresses were not a district-sponsored event, and neither the school district nor Lincoln High School had any influence on the activity,” said Scott Leaman, Unified Superintendent of Western Placer.

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