Florida Best Things To Do Near You When You Are Bored

Beaches full of sunburn, midwestern tourists theme parks with long lines, and longer prices alligator filled swamps.

These are the stereotypes of our beloved state, that we floridians have learned to live with, but look a little deeper, and you’ll find some places here.


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That might surprise you and ask that’s florida on the floor dude, and today we’re going to be counting down, the 10 places that may defy your image of florida .

Bock tower gardens lake

Wales, a neo-gothic art deco tower standing more than 200 feet tall, playing a 60 bel karelian twice a day is something you may expect to find in europe.

But not necessarily in central florida yet, there it resides atop one of the highest points in peninsular florida about 50 miles south of orlando.

This historic national landmark is host to beautiful blossoming gardens abundant koi ponds a series of peaceful resting spots charming vistas and a spectacular view of the singing tower

Salvador dali museum saint petersburg

The newly hip urban center of st. Petersburg is home to the stunning salvador dali museum .

The world’s largest collection of dollies surrealist works inside, you’ll find some of dolly’s most famous and instantly recognizable paintings.

Such as the hallucinogenic toreador and the disintegration of persistence of memory, the world-class museum also hosts temporary exhibits that in the past have included walt disney andy warhol and pablo picasso.

Fort jefferson dry tortugas

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National park in the florida keys how many of you already knew that there was a remote national park, that was 70 miles west of key west if you didn’t raise your hand you’re not alone.

Dry tortugas national park is only accessible by boat, or seaplane making it one of the least visited parks in the national park system due to its location and light visitor load.

the park is home to some of the healthiest coral reefs and best diving, the highlight of the park is fort jefferson a massive coastal fortress that began construction in 1846, fort jefferson is still to this day the largest masonry structure in the western hemisphere

The tampa theater

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Tampa downtown, tampa seems like it would be an unlikely place to find a movie theatre, that consistently ranks is one of the most beautiful theatres in the world.

but this classical cinema is a major point of civic pride to the tampa film buffs who flocked this local treasure, that screens independent features hollywood classics and hosts live performances.

The tampa theater was regarded as one of the world’s most elaborate theaters when it was first built in 1926, with an interior that resembles a mediterranean courtyard filled with flowers gargoyles, and a 900 pipe wurlitzer organ

The henry b plant

Museum tampa  with its onion domes and crescent moons, the henry b plant museum at the university of tampa looks like a place you’d expect to find in turkey tunisia or turkmenistan.

but not tampa the design draws inspiration from moorish revival architecture and looks like a building, you’d expect to find in more exotic faraway destinations than downtown tampa florida

Falling water state park chipley

You don’t have to make the drive up to the smoky mountains to experience a natural waterfall.

While it’s one of the flattest and lowest states in the country there really are a few places , where you can visit a waterfall most of them were up in the northern part of the state.

Including fallingwater state park and shipley where you’ll find a 70 foot tall waterfall the tallest in florida .

Hillsborough river state

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Park the notice assaf florida just outside of tampa on a short stretch of the hillsborough river, you can find the only class two rapids at hillsborough river state park.

Now don’t go expecting a raging river in whitewater rafting, but you will see an occasional kayaker come through here, while at the park take a hike down several miles of hiking trails, that wind along the river and you’re likely to spot one of the many alligators that make a home here underwater caves and springs.

north florida below the earth  is a network of hundreds of miles of underwater cave, systems making their way through the limestone aquifer those brave enough and with proper cave training can enter these caves at many of the crystal-clear springs that dot the landscape and explore the subterranean world that few of us topside will ever get to see in person beware though.

Cave diving is considered to be very dangerous and should only be done by those, who are properly certified equipped and with a dive buddy

Florida cavern state park marianna

Florida most of the state sits on top of a porous limestone base that’s slowly, but constantly being eroded away by the water that runs under the ground.

That’s why we see the occasional sinkhole but it’s also why florida has a vast underwater cave system – in the northern part of the state some of these caves are now dry, and can be explored without scuba gear such as this one at florida cavern state park

Paynes prairie state park micanopy

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Florida when most of us think of wild bison roaming free on a grassy prairie we imagine places out west like montana or yellowstone national park, not many floridians know that the american bison once thrived in florida as well until the late 18th century after the arrival of european settlers.

the bison were reintroduced to paynes prairie state park in the mid 1970s as part of a florida state park, service goal of restoring some of florida’s natural resources to how it was in those earlier times today a small managed herd of bison are free to roam this piece of florida prairie so that wraps up the flora dudes top ten places that may defy your image of florida

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