Planning A Honeymoon? Information Needed An Exciting Moment In The Marriage Process

Planning your honeymoon can be one of the most fun and exciting moments of the entire wedding process! Even today I had an appointment and I met a wonderful couple who are starting to consider honeymoon ideas.

When I showed them a few places I recommended to them, they were so excited to look at the photos and imagine the possibilities of their dream honeymoon.

However, on the other hand, planning a honeymoon can also be very cumbersome. So many choices, so many destinations, so many resorts, and what about airfares and passports?

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Q: Shouldn’t I Wait To Plan My Honeymoon?

Let’s face it, most of the time, honeymoon planning is relegated to the background, but you owe it to yourself to give your honeymoon the attention it deserves.

Wedding is the main event, but it is also strongly focused on your friends and family.

Your honeymoon is an opportunity for you and your new spouse to enjoy a unique getaway for all of you. You can enjoy your wedding, spend quality time together, and enjoy the care, luxury and relaxation you deserve, after months of stress and planning.

Studies also show that honeymooning is very important to start your marriage on the right foot and set the tone for your relationship.

Q: How Long Should I Plan My Honeymoon?

There are two ways to make the honeymoon planning process less overwhelming.

The first is to give you a lot of time. Start planning your honeymoon about 12 to 9 months before your departure date, so you can access the best prices and availability for most of the resorts you’ll consider.

In addition, Sandals Resorts allows you to book your room (not your plane ticket) two years in advance. This allows you to save incredible money, budget for a higher-level suite and pay it back within two years.

Plus, you’ll only need a small $400 security deposit per couple to keep your Sandals honeymoon package.

Q: How Can I Make It Easier To Plan My Honeymoon?

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The other way to make the honeymoon planning process less burdensome is to hire a travel consultant.

A travel consultant, like me, will help you choose the best place and destination possible for your dream honeymoon in the Caribbean.

It will also spend those endless hours searching for deals online and making sure you have the right room category, flights and travel protection for your all-inclusive honeymoon.

One thing I do for all my couples is what I call fact-finding. I ask each couple a series of questions, either by email, phone or in person, that allow me to find the destination, the resort, the length of stay and the airfare that suit each couple and that will allow them to live a unique and wonderful honeymoon experience!

Q: What Kind Of Information Should I Share?

Share your dreams. In my opinion, there should never be a honeymoon in the cookie cutter. When you talk to your travel advisor, share your vision of the perfect honeymoon.

What are the things you like to do as a couple and individually? The couple I met yesterday, when I asked “what do you dream of when you think of the perfect honeymoon?

The bride told me she liked to be pampered, with a fantastic looking room filled with luxurious facilities and touches.

She also told me that she would like a big beach to lie down, relax and read. Her fiancé told me that he loves playing golf, that he is interested in historic sites and that both would like to get out of the resort and do excursions and activities to change pace instead of sitting on the resort all the time.

These answers help me build a unique and personalized honeymoon experience for each couple. There are many quality tropical sites and seaside resorts, but I want my couples to be on the right island and in the right seaside resort. I cannot speak for all travel advisors, but I know that in my case, this service does not pay.

I get paid by the stations to send couples there. A travel counsellor can save you a lot of time, save you stress, frustration and, ultimately, money by doing a lot of the work for you.

Q: How Many Nights Should My Honeymoon Last?

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Given the amount of stress and work it takes to arrange a wedding, I suggest most couples stay at least 7 to 14 nights for their honeymoon.

I am aware that many factors can affect the number of nights you can stay… your work schedule, vacation, budget, etc. But if you can afford it, try to give yourself at least a week.

The number of nights can also be influenced by the destination you choose. If you’re going on your honeymoon to Hawaii, Fiji or another long flight destination, you’ll want to stay as many nights as possible.

You don’t want to go on honeymoon in Hawaii for only five nights. If you’re going on your honeymoon to Jamaica, the Bahamas or Mexico, the flights aren’t that bad.

You can stay fewer nights. Even for these destinations, I strongly advise you to try to stay at least 5 nights, 7 to 10 being the ideal number.

It’s going so fast – trust me! You will be under the adrenaline of the last week of the wedding and when you arrive in paradise, you will discover that you are more tired than you thought. You will have at least two full days of rest before embarking on the adventure.

Q: What Kind Of Budget Do I Have To Plan For?

That’s a great question! Many couples have no idea of the cost of honeymoon packages. Most couples spend about three to four times more than a normal vacation.

It’s not a holiday like any other, it’s your honeymoon! A honeymoon should give you the best experience you can have.

It’s a journey that will make you live unforgettable moments. You don’t want to be stingy with your honeymoon. You’ll want to have as much quality as you can afford.

If you don’t know where to start to meet your budget, contact me and I’ll help you. The best starting point is the length of the stay and the 5 most important elements of your honeymoon.

High-level service and attentive treatments, a beachfront suite with Jacuzzi or private pool, spa treatments, candlelit dinner, sightseeing, nightlife, etc.

The possibilities are endless and you are unique as a couple. Don’t know what your most important things are? Call me and I’ll ask you a series of questions to get to know you and we’ll leave!

Q: How Much Does A Typical Honeymoon Cost?

Another great question I get asked all the time. Price ranges are everywhere and the time of year has a big influence on this issue.

Just as there are Chevys and Cadillacs, there are lower quality, medium-quality and high-end stations and rooms within a resort.

Airfares also have a big influence on the price and, of course, on the length of your stay.

For example, a seven-night honeymoon package at Sandals resorts, including airfare, can cost between $3,500 and $15,000. This price includes all food and beverages at the resort, airfare and transfers from the airport to the resort and return, travel protection and honeymoon amenities.

Prices may be more or less high depending on the factors I have already mentioned, but this should give you a good starting range for a successful honeymoon experience.

As a honeymoon expert, it is my duty to discover what you are looking for in your honeymoon experience and get you the best value for money while perfectly matching your desires.

Q: Can’t I Just Plan My Honeymoon Online?

A lot of couples tell me that. The answer is yes.

You can plan your honeymoon online, but what I’m constantly seeing is that couples who try to do it alone end up being extremely frustrated and overwhelmed by the whole process.

I get so many calls from couples who are so stressed out by endless research, reading reviews about travel advisors, visiting websites, viewing brochures and hours spent doing research.

You can’t really know if a station has everything you’re looking for when you see photos and read reviews. Every couple is different and your honeymoon should be in your image.

Couples also miss out on many interesting travel incentives and options that are available to travel advisors and are not available online.

The internet is a great search tool and I encourage couples to use it as a resource, but leave the reservation to a professional… you’ll be glad you did!

Q: Will I Need A Passport?

You will need a passport if you are travelling from the United States to another country. Each Caribbean honeymoon at a Sandals Resort will require a passport to travel.

If you are unsure of how to obtain a passport, you can find out here. If you travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico or Hawaii, you won’t need a passport.

A Question To Think About:

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You will need to be realistic in your expectations for your honeymoon when planning and traveling. Travel is, by its very nature, an adventure.

There are times when things don’t always work out in the most harmonious way possible, always try to be flexible and laugh at the nonsense that can happen.

Of course, if something happens that seems abnormal or doesn’t meet your expectations, that’s another story, and you should call your travel advisor immediately if you have any serious concerns or problems.

This is another reason to hire a travel advisor. Once, when my husband and I were at Sandals Royal Bahamian, a couple showed up at the help desk, with some kind of complaint. The Sandals representative told them that their travel agent was Funjet Vacations. There was really no one they could call to ask for help.

They had to call the call centre of a large company in the hope that the situation could be resolved. I know all my couples by name and I emphasize the personal service to all the other travel advisors who work for Paradise Getaways.

If you follow these tips and tricks, the chances of a fantastic honeymoon are good.

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