Sicily, the island of Capri, Santorini and Ibiza have become world-famous tourist attractions.

If you want to choose a different, quiet and peaceful place for your vocation, these many ordinary little islands are your best choice.

Formentera, Spain

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Formentara is 4 miles from the island of Ibiza in Spain.

It is quieter and more peaceful than the island of Ibiza. It can be considered a paradise in the Mediterranean.

The long coastal line, clear water and white sand give visitors from all over the world the desire to stay in the Caribbean.

If you’re bored walking on the beaches, you can go for a walk in the only small town, San Francisco de Quito, and buy souvenirs at the local market.

Kalymnos, Greek

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For a long time, the islands in Greek have been the first choice of people to carry out their vocation.

But recently, we know Kalymnos in Greek.

It is now accessible to people all over the world.

Kalymnos was once part of the Dodecanese Islands in the Aegean. Today, she is famous for climbing.

The rocks there are all steep cliffs. Seen from any direction, Kalymnos looks like a beautiful image drawn by a great master— of houses with shiny clothes arranged in rows along the harbour, fishing boats swaying with the wave of the sea.

If you have time to walk on the island, you will certainly find amazing things like green orchards, natural caves made, clear springs and also silvery beaches that exist in almost all the islands in Greek.

Elba, Italy

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The island of Elba is the largest island in the Tuscan Archipelago.

Its perimeter is 90 miles. And it only takes an hour by boat between mainland Italy and the island of Elba.

There are many beautiful views here that are worth exploring–a picturesque village, dark green valleys, ancient castles, steep cliffs, gentle beaches and also a clear blue sea.

Faroe Islands, Denmark

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The Faroe Islands were considered the most attractive island by national geography.

It lies between the Iceberg and Norway. Every living thing here reveals the beauty of nature.

More than 300 species of birds live there.

If you are patient enough, you may have the chance to see a seal come out of the sea.

Porquerolles, France

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When you set foot on the land of this small island, you will want to stay on the Caribbean beach.

The difference is that the neighbour is Provence.

If you want to find a peaceful, white and simple beach, you can continue to head north after crossing vineyards and an orchard. You can enjoy different landscapes at every step.

Here, the air is fresh and primitive.

The south of the island is a steep cliff where you can admire the beautiful landscapes of the small islands and the entire Mediterranean.

Beautiful beaches and varied colors are the unique gift that Porquerolles offers people.

Isle of Man, England

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It takes its name from a legend. Legend has it that the pioneers of this island are all men who cannot reunite with their families throughout the year.

Thus, in order to memorize these male ancestors, people give this island the name of Isle of Man.

It lies between England and Ireland and stays away from the crowds. These historic sites, natural beaches and steam trains form a beautiful landscape here.

Adventure lovers can climb rocks or swim in the sea with sharks.

If you want to enjoy the beautiful view of the countryside, this is a great place as you won’t meet anyone, even walking for a few kilometers.

Svalbard, Norway

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When it comes to a holiday on a sea island, the snowy Svalbard doesn’t come to people’s minds the first time, but the beautiful crystal clear snow landscape really makes people powerless to resist temptation.

The Svalbard, located not far from the North Pole, will make you feel different.

And here live about 36 kinds of birds.

Different kinds of seals and white whales often appear at the seaside.

If you’re lucky, you can see a polar bear, a white fox and even.

The most common transport vehicles here are snowmobiles and boats.

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